Here's what people are saying... 

“Highly recommend to young people irrespective of project management as a profession.” 


"Saby was incredibly engaging and inspiring."

“High energy, on-mark presentation. Was able to integrate large-group participation”


“Entertaining and direct approach to learning. Excellent.”

"Saby did a great job.  His message has power because his life story meshes with what he says - he`s credible.  He speaks with energy and optimism."

"I really did enjoy and appreciate your presentation. It came through in your passion for the topics & your energy. Both are big pros! It was a total pleasure getting to meet you. I learned a lot and much of it resonated with me & my approach to life and work."

“Thank you so much for speaking to the Path to Leadership group. It was inspirational…I keep thinking of the Purple Cow, the importance of building relationships and the idea around giving back/wanting to share information for the good of others. “

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